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Change is inevitable, though rarely comfortable. We have the ability to be incredibly adaptive beings, and it can be extremely difficult.  As human beings, we all have similar but also very personal responses to life's challenges.  I'm here to help you get curious with yourself about why and how we, as humans, respond the way we do to these problems, and to learn to respond in ways that feel effective and right for you, based on your values and what's most important to you.  

I work from a trauma-informed, feminist, Buddhist, and anti-oppressive foundation.  I specialize in supporting individuals, couples, families, friends, and supports recover from trauma of all types, whether accidents, workplace injury, medical issues, child abuse and neglect, gender-based violence, or other impactful life events.  I also work with care-givers and other care providers to reduce the impacts of vicarious trauma, burnout, and stress.  


My work is collaborative - meaning, we work together.  When you ask for help, or set up an appointment, you're already aware that you feel off track.  That's your inner compass!  Let's work together to get you on the path to the life you want to live.  

I am currently accepting new clients for both virtual and in-person sessions in Victoria BC at NeurAlive Counselling and Neurofeedback.  Contact me here to set up your first appointment or for a free consultation.  


I am also available for Clinical Supervision and Consultation support virtually.

Please contact me here to inquire. 

I am a guest on the the traditional territories of the Lkwungen (Lekwungen) people, also known as the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations communities, the Te’mexw Treaty Association, the Á,LEṈENEȻ ȽTE (W̱SÁNEĆ), the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla. I extend heartfelt gratitude to all my relations.   


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